There is only one Prophetic Revelation − the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
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Take heed: No man can enter into the WISDOM of God while he remains in the harlot system or forsakes the Sacred Scriptures of His Maker.


Prophetic Revelation


How Some Christians View & Distort William M. Branham's Teachings.


An important message to all who
follow the Message of the Hour �
the message which was delivered
by William M. Branham.

...the DECREE, the HOMELAND,
the WATCHMEN and learning
the Fathers' Faith.
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Is it the taped messages of William Marrion Branham, or.....?
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THE ORIGINAL SIN ~ What is it?

The doctrines of the Original Sin
and the Serpent Seed expounded.
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What is the Logos? Who is Jesus Christ?  Who is God the Father?
A study on the Revelation of God
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Understanding the prophetic visions shown to the Beloved of Christ.
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Growing towards perfection
and the final transformation.
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...examining the Mark of Cain
and all his kind.


Answers the question "Is this Holy City literal?"  The Revelation of the mystery expounded and the original location of the Garden of Eden revealed in the Light of God's Word.
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The Spoken Word Ministry

An ordained Spoken Word Ministry
that gives Life to transform the
Bride of Christ as she looks toward the Promised Son of God.


What is Christ's Inheritance
in the Saints of God?
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Deals with the question �
"Where is God's abode?"

Satan's diabolical and filthy
impersonation of God's work.

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Deals with the Creation of Man.
A study on the Doctrine of the Soul
and its Nature.
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Showing how God intended Adam
and Eve to bring forth their children into existence.
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OVERSEERSHIP with the Ministries
in the House of God.

...Is there an "Elisha" or an "Elisha"
type  ministry following the death of
William M. Branham, the 7th Church Age Messenger?
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...Did the 7th Church Age Messenger, William Branham, or the Bible, sanction Polygamous Marriage among the Saints of God?
PLUS, are the Ministers of
the "Ascension Gifts" Ministry
required to marry only virgins?
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Looking at the significance of
some world happenings.
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...examining the "revelation" of the Believers today. Plus, where lies
Truth and pure Love?

...Thrilled by a message?
How ought a Believer to hear Truth?

...the Blessing and Miracle of Tithing
unto the Lord God.
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....a look at some of the statements gleaned from the sermons of
William Branham.
(A very basic help and guide article.)


...What or Who are the Seven Thunders?  Have they already uttered their voices?  What are
their utterances?

Who are the wise virgins and
who are the foolish virgins? 
What is the oil?  Who makes the cry?
Who are the oil merchants?
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Are you soaking in the "former rain"? Are you looking for the "latter rain"?
The Rains are behind the Open Door.

How many believers have, by their foolish contradictory utterances and/or actions, denied the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, of whom they have confessed to be the Only One worthy of worship, honour,
glory, praise and homage?


Is speaking in tongues the evidence of the Holy Spirit Baptism?
Or is it believing and receiving the Word for the hour?  Are there more to these than is taught?

The Revelation of
The Flaming
(& the Cherubim)

What are they?
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What actually is Divine Love?
 [Arabic version: click here]


"If the literal sense makes sense, seek no other sense", so they say.
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What had Adam done?
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The religion of man and its deception. Scripturally, are there "Chief Apostle" and "Lead Apostle"? Examining their claims of absoluteness of "revelations" � touching on Cain, Giants and Canaan.

...from the Garden to Calvary, and from Calvary to Eternity. The Veil was torn to present the Blood of His sweet sacrificial life before the Throne.

THE FINALE SERIES contains the following three messages:

...examining the time and season
of the Second Advent of Jesus Christ.
How is He coming for His Bride?
What sign(s) will there be?
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A Typological Study reflected
by the Ancient Oriental Marriage Customs and Traditions.

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3) THE FINAL EVENTS with Revelation 10.  Are we living in the hour of the final events for the Church?
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Concerning this matter of insincerity among ministers and believers.

...his connection with the Restoration and Redemption Plan of God.

"Bereshit" the beginning...
taking a look at the beginning of time to the call of Abram.

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From Eternity to Eternity chart  re-touched, 10 Jan. 2012
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Can A Divorced Woman Remarry?
Unscriptural dividing of the Word not only put a person in unnecessary bondage but also much pain.

Can Christians Eat Food Offered To Idols, and Blood?
Church tradition versus the Word.

What William Branham said about the Seven Thunders...
New Repost

Of Man's & Woman's Garments

Is the "trousers" truly forbidden to the woman and the "skirt" to the man?

Branhamism in the very extreme

Branhamism in the News

The Theophany of William Branham & His Return Ministry

Did Jesus fold the napkin?



*Offerings to Prophetic*Revelation*

SONGS written by Richard Gan

I Belong To You, Lord Jesus
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It Is Raining
(Chorus is public domain and slightly altered for the song.)
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Wonderful Time
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Because I'm Yours, Lord
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Rhema Life Ministry

Sound the alarm more quakes
are due

Underwater Landslides Threaten
California Coast


   The Charismatics have a great adoration for the Holy Spirit in their fellowship because they believe that the Holy Spirit is not the Spirit of the Father Who indwell the Son but another (the Third) Person in the Godhead.
   If the Trinitarians are right, then the Apostle John was truly wrong in his revelation when he wrote:
"That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ" (1 Jhn.1:3).
   Notice that John did not add
"and with the Holy Spirit". Read the salutation of all the epistles of Paul, eg. Rom.1:7; 1 Cor.1:3; 1 Tim.1:2.


Friends and Bible Believers, I am setting up this website to bring about an awareness of the Apostolic Teachings of God which was once delivered to the saints of old.  Because of the lateness of the hour there have been many discussions promoted on the Net regarding the soon return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ � as to when and how He will come. However, we need to be aware that unless we, as believers and worshippers, are true to God's Revelation as written in His Word, we might even miss that blessed hope and find ourselves in the time of the great tribulation that is soon to come upon the world. This new millennium must certainly be the Lord's. Prophetic signs point to His Return, perhaps within the first decade. [The first and second decades have passed. O, how long will He tarry to take His Bride away?]

The churches today are so organized and even commercialized that many Christian people do not know the Word of God.  I have personally known many Christians who do not even know the basic fundamental teachings of the Word. Basic fundamental truths are only what they had gathered from their church creeds and dogmas.  They have never grown in the faith and in the Word even after attending church services for several years.

Many times I have been told that doctrines only separate Christian people. Well, this is true only when love and understanding are lacking in the Christians, after all when a Baptist presents his doctrines to a Lutheran, or a Charismatic presents his teachings to a Presbyterian, they are bound to argue and debate.  God's Word is what we live on and the Apostolic teachings are our foundations of the Faith. [Click here for our Statement of Faith.]

There are some 30,000 or more denominations, sects and groups in the Christian World and each one claims to have the Truth.  We know that is just not true. Jesus once asked this question: "When the Son of Man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?"  So then, what is Truth? What is Faith? [Read the message Speak The Word!]

There has been a good response to this website since it was put up in September 1998. With the first two messages � the doctrine of THE ORIGINAL SIN and the doctrine of THE SERPENT SEED (two doctrines which are practically lost to the denominational churches) � we have since added many others.

Though I am a firm believer of the Spoken Word Ministry and Message of William M. Branham, I am not a Branhamite. I do not agree with the many teachings taught by many of his followers whom the organized churches have given the name Branhamites. William Branham did not create the Branhamites nor did he bring about Branhamism. Those foolish followers did when they failed to hearken to his simple admonition to: "Come back to the Original! Back to Pentecost! Back to the Apostolic Fathers' Faith! Back to the Absolute, the Word of God, the Holy Scripture!" Branham's Absolute is the Holy Bible.  But to his followers it is Branham's words on magnetic tapes. Some of those followers have called Branham Lord Branham Christ and are even baptizing converts into his name.

Also, I am aghast at the many articles written against William Branham that are posted on the Internet by the Trinitarians and so-called Apostolic.  Most of these writers have no true knowledge of Branham's teachings. They blamed Branham for all the confusions and false teachings, publishing only what they have gathered from the Branhamites who, in the first place, are in error. (Talk about the blind leading the blind.) Read this article: BRANHAMISM How Some Christians View & Distort Branham's Teachings.

Feel free to email me your comment or question. I sincerely believe that a Truth Seeker and True Worshipper will find the Truth and the Spirit of God in His Word.

May God bless you.

Richard l. s. Gan
February 1999

Please do not email questions which seek to draw out a lengthy debate over the statements of Bro. Branham or in the defence of Branhamism. There are other websites for that. This is not one of them.

     In these sharp, cutting Messages, if I have intentionally tried to hurt somebody, God forgive me. I wouldn't do that, for nothing. But yet I'm a prisoner to this Word, see, I--I must stay right with It. I don't speak hard things to make people feel bad. I speak things sharp, sometimes, to make people look, see, an exclamatory, "Oh, look!"  See, to make them look at it, to see. Then if you get them, maybe sometimes it provokes them. And about nine times out of ten, if they get a little bit provoked, they'll go to searching the Scriptures, and God does the rest of it then. You see?   [Calling Jesus on the Scene. Chicago. Il. 63-0804E - Wm.Branham]

Hello...Message Period Believers..., read what Wm. Branham said:
    You poor degenerated, backslidden... What's the matter? Miserable... How can you follow God? How can you go where the Spirit goes? Your organization'd be fine if you end your doctrine with a comma. "We believe this, plus what God can add to it." But you end it with a period.  "We believe this, and you toe the mark to this, or that's it." That's what Luther done. That's what Wesley done. That's what John Smith done. That's what Alexander Campbell done. That's what they all done. And that's what Pentecost done. There you are: dead forty years on your tracks. And the promised land of the fullness of God's blessings lays right before you.  [Choosing Law for Grace-1961 - Wm.Branham]

Why, as I was speaking the other night at Shreveport in those--the communion when they'd kill that sacrificial lamb, there was to be no leaven among them through the entire seven days. And no leaven, no leaven bread, everything had to be unleavened. That represented the seven church ages that we get in the book here. And there's no leaven what it � it's something mixed with it. And we've the mixed creed, and denomination, and everything else with the Word and still try to call It the Word. No leaven shall be the entire seven days. And even what is eat today, don't try to keep it for tomorrow, burn it with fire before the daylight comes, for there's a new message coming forth and a new thing.  [The Rapture - Wm.Branham]

We mustn't condemn individuals, but as a minister, I have to strike that serpent out there that's biting into those people. You see? And I don't... There's... I don't even... Just me in myself, I wouldn't do that if it wasn't a commission from God that I'm duty bound to do it (See?), and I must hold that true and faithful.
But if a
Catholic, Jew, or whatever he was, come here... If he was a Mohammedan, Greek, or Orthodox, or whatever he might be, if he come here to be prayed for, I would pray just as sincerely for him as I would for my own. That's right. Certainly, because it's a human being. I've prayed for Buddhists, and Sikhs, Jains, Mohammedans, and--and every kind (You see?), like that. And I don't ask them no questions; I just pray for them because they're somebody, a human being, that wants to get well, and try to make life a little easier along the road for them.   
[The Fifth Seal - Wm.Branham]

What is a Branhamite? Several readers have written me to say
that I should be ashamed of myself for calling followers of William Branham, Branhamites. Should I?
[Click to open]

Bro. Gan, we have been taught by many Endtime Message preachers that all mysteries have been revealed by Bro. Branham from Genesis to Revelation.

If that is true, ask them to tell you what had Bro. Branham reveal about the Mark of Cain, the Sin of Ham, the true location of the Garden of Eden, the Holy City New Jerusalem, etc.?   Be careful what you hear.  There are many voices in the Message movement today and a good number of them are Pharisaical in spirit.

 Is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost the same as being Born Again?
Click for video (33min.)

Why did Adam have nipples?

Where is the Garden of Eden?

To whom does the Mighty Angel of the Covenant relate to:
      the Jews or the Gentiles?  What does the vision of Rev.10 speak of?

Is it true that after the fall of mankind Satan still had access to heaven
      and there participated in the meetings with angels?

THE ENIGMA OF WILLIAM BRANHAM What are your thoughts on this article....?

When was Jesus born December, April or September?

Bro. Gan, why do the Branhamites refuse to look closely into the Sacred Scriptures?

Are Christians required to give TITHE in the New Testament? NEW


The Lies of Cohen Reckart
[an anti-Branham preacher]
Updated: 22 Jan. 2020

The Lies of Dalton Bruce
[a Branhamite preacher]
The Lies of Dalton Bruce...Part 2

   An Exposition of The Lies of Ronald Watson
[A disciple of Dalton Bruce]

Dr. Lamsa to W.M.Branham:

"These American people don't even know what."
  ... "They are trying to take an Eastern book and make a Western book out of it.  They don't even know their Bibles."  
[Adoption III]


Dear Brother Gan,
In 1981 I saw this light, but when I saw these Message believers I became confused because all they would say the prophet, and they can't go no further and because of many other reasons. There are sisters sitting at home and others started drinking, so that proves what you said is true; the leaders in Cape Town has lost their visions, they have become weak and I see our young men and women falling into sin, young brothers falling. We need your prayers.

Dear Bro. Gan:
...The Lord has been good to us.  We are striving to present the Word in such a way that is glorifying and edifying to Christ rather than exalting His prophet above Him. We have so appreciated your blessed ministry and the many wonderful Truths that the Lord has allowed you to articulate so well. As I've mentioned in several emails in the past,
the Branhamites in this area have really waged an all-out battle against us due to our stand for the Word and present ministry of the Holy Spirit. Keep us in your prayers, my precious brother.  We would still like to see about possibly coordinating with your schedule when the time presents itself and arranging some meetings here in the States. I believe that your ministry would be a blessing to many who have been bound down by the Message denominational spirit that has permeated the so-called End Time Message Churches. Also, we are constantly working to add content to our website as the Lord permits and we have time. Keep us in prayer that we will put the comments and discussion that will be edifying to the Bride of Christ.

Hello to you!
Jennie and I have been reading some in the "big book" on the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  You did an excellent job putting all that information together.  I am sure it took much study.  I really like the way you placed some of the information.  You are correct in saying that some things have been misplaced by "message believers".  They put the emphasis in the wrong place. I don't understand how they think you are not a "message believer".  You certainly give Bro. Branham his place in God's Word.  I don't think Br. Branham would be offended. You keep pointing back to Christ.  Isn't that what he told us to do?

Hello Brother!
I sure have had lots of food for thought since meeting you.  I have been very blessed in reading your materials but more importantly I have been challenged.  I have not thought or considered some things for many years and have had to go back and reevaluate what I believe.  When I come across something I am not sure of, my wife reminds me to check your scripture reference.  In other words, read it for myself.
As we both agree, it isn't what you say, or I say, or what Bro. Branham said.  It is what the Word says.  Over the years I have come across some teachings that I didn't feel the scriptures supported.  However, it was what everyone seem to be teaching. Based more on quotes then scriptures.  But taking a scriptural stand didn't make us popular!  I am sure you understand. hahahaha

All I was doing was going from quote to quote to put together my understanding of the Word of God. I was not in any way doing what brother Branham himself said to do. "�if you're a child of God, you'll stay with the Prophet of this Bible."  I was looking so much at quotes and statements that I could not receive a spiritual revelation of the word in my heart.  Any quote and statement has to be pointing us to a true understanding of the Bible.  So many times I would just put together a bunch of quotes like a jigsaw puzzle that was all mixed up. [A Testimony]


   All over the world, millions of Christians are waiting for the Rapture. They are waiting for their bodies to be changed (into glorified ones) and then suddenly disappear from this earth. It has been widely believed that the Rapture of all Christians will, and can, take place at any time on any day. Many preachers have painted a breathtaking scenario of what they believe will be the outcome of the
�sudden� rapture � the disappearance � of millions of Christians. They teach that chaos will rule the day when Christians suddenly disappear from homes, schools, office-buildings, cars, buses, trains, ships, planes and other private and public places or vehicles. The �sudden� catching away will cause their clothing, shoes, money bags, pens and other personal belongings to fall off from their bodies as they fly heavenward to meet Jesus Christ in the air. The non-Christians around will become frantic as they see Christians disappear before their eyes. They will witness chaos all around them. Vehicles without drivers will collide with other vehicles on the roads; likewise, ships without pilots on the seas. Pilot-less airplanes will crash into each other in mid air or crash to the earth. Also, there will be riots as looters grab goods from shops and properties owned by Christian families who have disappeared. And all over the world thousands, perhaps millions, of people will die or be injured as a result of these vehicular crashes, riots and lootings.

   But is there a Scriptural basis for this scenario? [Click here to find out]

   For some years now there's been another strange teaching propagated by some Branhamites. They alleged that William Branham actually taught that there were 2 sets of "SEALS" in the Book of Revelation � one set on the inside and the other on the outside. I find it hard to follow their arguments which come with dozens of the quotes of the prophet. One group makes the 7 Thunders as the SECOND SET of SEALS which, according to them, were revealed in 1963. With that they claim that the Rapture has taken place. Another group teaches that the "little book" of Rev.10:2 is not the one in Rev.5:1; and that each book has 7 Seals on it. Many quotes, taken from different sermons of the prophet, are used to force-fit their so-called revelation.

   Of recent years there has been a teaching which have caused many Endtime Message believers to no longer come together to partake of the "Lord's Supper". False teachers and false prophets of Branham's Message have been going around spreading the teaching that since the Lord, or the Word, has come in 1963, there is no longer a need to gather around the Lord's Table; there is no longer a need to "remember the Lord's death till He comes". Are those preachers demon possessed?Do they not know that Bro. Branham even had communion services after 1963?
   Because of a lack of a "Back to the Word! Back to the Absolute! Back to the Apostolic Fathers' Faith!", the PAROUSIA of Christ is totally misunderstood. The coming of the Spiritual Word and the coming of the literal Person of Christ (for the Bride in the Rapture), which are entirely two different events, are interpreted as a single event. And that this event has already been fulfilled.
   May the Lord have mercy on those preachers who have taken away the blessing of the Lord's Supper from the people by spiritualizing the ordinance set down by the Lord � a memorial of His death until He returns literally.

   I have had several believers who left the Branhamite camps here in Singapore to fellowship with my little assembly. After some time, they openly testified of the blessings and revelation they received during the fellowship. However, one day they just stopped coming. Some of them had been with us for a good few years. When asked why they left, they gave different reasons and excuses each time. They were afraid of telling the truth. However, the truth about their leaving later surfaced � they were fed fear by those "concerned believers" from the camps they had once left. They were told evil things about me and my teachings. But the end result was that they were so confused that they "feared" coming to fellowship with us, and even did not want to go back to the camps of those Branhamites. So, they either go to a denominational church, or stay home. It seems that the Branhamites just love to confuse people by putting fear into their hearts.

    Some Branhamite preachers are real hypocrites. They address a man very "politely and sweetly" as "a brother" because they want the man to embrace their teachings. "O brother, we want you to know that you have a false doctrine. We are here to help you understand the truth."  But in the next minute they show their true nature by calling the man "a devil", "seed of the Serpent", etc.  What contradictions! They have a devil for a brother!
   Are they confused? Not at all. They just pride themselves to be some great men of God with the power to judge others, having a gift to smell out 'heresies' and then hunt down the 'heretics' with their venom. They are always out on a 'witch hunt'. They are out to proselytize. Like the Pharisees, they are nothing but religious snakes-in-the-grass. Their tongues are forked.
   I would never address a man as "a brother" if I know him to be a heretic and a blasphemer of God's Truth (cf.Tit.3:10; 2 Jhn.1:10-11). Neither would I call him "a devil" or "Serpent's seed". I would just leave him alone. 

As to what the Branhamites claim, that the Rapture has taken place and that they are now in the Millennium since 1977, has nothing to do with Bro. Branham. That's purely a Branhamite's doctrine, not Bro. Branham's. Some of them have even misinterpreted Revelation chapter 10 and claimed that the Mighty Angel was Branham. Foolishness!


Was William Branham�s Death Foretold in 1964?


A pastor who worshipped William Branham drops dead
after he challenged Jesus Christ to kill him.
[Note: Followers of Wm. Branham who make his words
to be THE ABSOLUTE, are under a cultic religious spirit;
they are making the man to be THE CHRIST, God Himself.]


A once ETM Preacher practicing deceit on me


* Is there a difference between the Message (of William Branham) and the Bible?

   A great number of Branhamites proclaim that they are the same thing. They said that "the Message is the Bible and the Bible is the Message". This is foolishness. Oh, how blind and deceived are these Branhamites!
   Of course there is a DIFFERENCE between THE MESSAGE and THE BIBLE! The Message points to the Bible. The Message points us back to the Original Apostolic Fathers' Faith. The Bible does not point to the Message. It only verifies that the Message is true.
   For example, you drive down a highway and come to a junction where you see a sign-post with a message pointing in a certain direction
"To New York City, 70 miles". You obey the sign and follow the direction the message provides. An hour later you reach New York City. Now, in New York City, will there be a sign that actually points you back to that road sign, at that junction, on that highway? Of course not. Why? Simply because a sign, a message, always points to an important thing, place, etc. Not vice versa! Also a sign does not point to itself. You can park your car at that road junction, stare at the sign, point to it and say to yourself, "All right, that's 'New York City'". And if you do not follow the instruction on that sign, but "admire" that sign the whole day, even into weeks, months or until you die, you will still not be in New York City. Because the sign (message) is NOT New York City, it only POINTS to it � New York City. Then again, when you follow the instruction of the sign and finally reach New York City, do you still need that sign? Do you have to drive back to that road junction ever so often just to make sure that you are in New York City?  Only a fool does that.

* Inspiration � Inbreathed 

   I have been told by extremist followers of the Message of William Branham that, just as THE BIBLE WAS INSPIRED OF GOD, THE MESSAGE WAS SIMILARLY INSPIRED OF GOD and therefore should be accepted without reservation. They were satisfied to state that the very Holy Spirit Who inspired holy men of God to write the BIBLE inspired Bro. William Branham to speak the MESSAGE.
   However, is there
   To answer the question we must first ask WHAT IS MEANT BY
   The word
"inspiration" in itself simply means "emotion, arousal, or reaction of the mind, feelings, etc., stimulated by someone or something to a special activity or creativity". For examples: a man may say, "I was inspired to read the Word of God daily after I heard that great sermon preached." Job says "But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding" (Job 32:8).
   However, the word
"inspiration" used in these Bible verses: "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works" (2 Tim.3:16-17) has a different meaning. It came from the Greek word: 'theopneustos' meaning 'divinely breathed in'. The word appears ONLY ONCE in the Bible here and no where else.
   Because of their cultic belief (their eyes focus upon the flesh of the man, William Branham) these extremist followers of the Message believe with all their heart that the spoken words uttered by Bro. Branham in his messages are the same as the words written in the Sacred Scripture (the Bible). They claimed that just as every written word in the Bible was penned down by the movement of God's hand upon the writers, so too every word uttered by the tongue of Bro. Branham was controlled by the Spirit of God. Bro. Branham never taught that nor did he ever say that the words he uttered were infallible.
   Blindness has certainly come upon these people. Too long have their eyes been upon the messenger, Bro. Branham, that they can no longer see THE CHRIST. They see God's messenger, an anointed one, a christ, as THE WORD Himself. How foolish they can be.
   To say that the message preached by Bro. Branham was inspired of God does not point to every single word uttered by him. It is the revelation contained in the message itself, NOT the oral words that came forth from his mouth. Consider a believer who was inspired by God to take the revelation of the Godhead and Water Baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to a Trinitarian Christian friend. And the latter, upon receiving the revelation of the Word, might exclaim,
"Thank you for the exposition! God has indeed sent you to me with such a wonderful message concerning the Godhead and Water Baptism in Jesus� Name! Surely, that message is inspired of God!"
   Does his exclamation mean every word uttered by the believer was inspired of God OR does it refer to the truth he received in the message brought to him by the believer?
   The apostle Paul stated very clearly that
"all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works" (2 Tim.3:16-17). He never said that his (or any prophet's or apostle's) spoken words (used during their preaching) were "INBREATHED" though his messages (or those of the other men of God) were inspired of God.
   The Sacred Scripture, the
WRITTEN WORD, is INBREATHED of God in that God chose each word to build a picture from Genesis to Revelation. Over a period of about 1500 years God anointed some forty different men, regardless of their position in life, to pen His Word.
   All the original writings of the Sacred Scripture were written by ANOINTED MEN of God. But the WORDS they penned were selected by the Holy Spirit and positionally placed in the Volume of Books and therefore they can in no way be DISLOCATED, MISPLACED and MISINTERPRETED. The WORDS were
"DIVINELY BREATHED IN", 'THEOPNEUSTOS'. And, only an anointed man of God could take those words and BREAK OPEN THE TRUE REVELATIONS OF THOSE WRITINGS. Remember that Paul said "ALL SCRIPTURE IS GIVEN BY INSPIRATION (INBREATHED) OF GOD..." He did not say anything about the ORAL WORDS USED IN HIS PREACHING BEING GIVEN BY THE INSPIRATION (INBREATHED) OF GOD. Yes, the Apostle Paul was inspired of God to preach His WORD, that is, he was emotionally and spiritually moved by the stimulation (anointing) of the Holy Spirit to preach God�s Truth. But his oral words (words he used in utterance to expound God's Truth) were not INBREATHED of God.
   The SCRIPTURE is like a computer (compact) disk. Out of it an anointed man can take out the necessary expressions and rightly divide them to reveal a TRUTH. Whatever truth he expounds lies in there but the oral words he uses (though some words might be prompted by the Spirit) to expound the truth are his. But they are not equivalent to the
"INBREATHED" WRITTEN WORDS of the Scripture. Let me illustrate with this:
   THE WRITTEN WORD is like a
SEED, say an apple seed. Planted the seed will reveal certain portions of itself from day to day. But each portion is a PART of the seed. It is not equivalent to the seed. Again a leaf, though a part of the seed, is unlike the seed in any way. Therefore our preaching or even our own writings, about the truth we have, is unlike THE SCRIPTURE which was INBREATHED of God.
   THE WRITTEN WORD is actually
THE LOGOS in written form. All that God is � in revealing Himself � is in the LOGOS. All that God wants us to know is given to us in THE WRITTEN WORD. Yet, the WRITTEN WORD is not arranged systemically like, for example, a law book that contains the laws of the land. God had it written in a story-telling form, expressing Himself (even in songs and proverbs) in His relationship with His creatures. He quoted and put the words of Satan, Pharaoh, Korah, Ruth, the Pharisees, Herod, Jesus Christ, etc. in His Volume of  Books. Yet, those words were INBREATHED and POSITIONALLY placed by Him.
   The words that a preacher uses in his preaching or writings of God�s Truth cannot be said to be INBREATHED of God even though he is greatly anointed to teach or write the Truth of God.
We cannot add anymore to THE INBREATHED WRITTEN WORD. We can only expound what is inside there. And Bro. Branham certainly did that just as Jesus hinted in Matthew 13:52: "Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old."
   We thank God for Bro. Branham. But we need to get back to THE ABSOLUTE to find our place and our Faith in those pages of the Holy Script. It�s one thing to listen to or read Bro. Branham�s words, it is another to know where the Truth lies in those pages of the Scripture. Otherwise, we don't have a foundation. Like Paul, Branham said,
CHECK IT OUT WITH THE WORD. But the problem with those extremist believers of the message is they do not have the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, so they just take the oral words of Bro. Branham as their final authority.
   Remember: "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works" (2 Tim.3:16-17). That�s the absolute truth. No other written words or spoken words of men OUTSIDE OF THE SCRIPTURE are so.

  Concerning the Bride and the Message

  The word "Bride" in the Bible has been taken too lightly by many Christians. It is true that in every age a message was given to call the elect. But not all who claimed that they believed the message of their respective age were truly members of the Bride. That is the reason we have the different Church Ages because the people organized themselves into denominations after each message was given. The same is true of the 7th Church Age.
  In each age there were some true elect who followed the light of the message into the Word, and then continued on in the light of the Word as the Spirit led them. On the other hand those who denominated within the message would died just like those who followed the message of Moses without the leading of the Spirit. Only Caleb and Joshua were the "bride" members who were led by the true faith and went on into the Promised Land.
  Now, since we are living in the last Church Age, the ministry of Ephesians chapter 4 must have its fulfillment -- because it is a "last day" ministry. Paul's words must be fulfilled. The word "perfecting" means "complete furnishing". The saints, under the present 5-Fold Ministry, will be shaped and equipped by God thoroughly. This is a continuous process. In Heb.6:1, Paul used the word "perfection" to denote its consummation. That's why he said not to "lay again". Simply, it means
"don't stay put and go over and over the same things you have learned, but go on until we are completely consummated in Him." You must be obedient to the Word after you have heard the message. Bro. Branham himself said that the FULL WORD would come after Rev.10:7, not before or during his ministry. Amen.
  As you read or hear the words of the prophet, you are encouraged to check out the Scripture. Since the prophet cannot contradict the Word, you have to find the Scripture verses to support your answer you give to every one who asks of your faith. We cannot just say "Because Bro. Branham said so, I believe." The denominationalists can also say the same: "Everything that is in the Bible, we do believe." But what do they believe? See?
  Can the message of the messenger, Bro. Branham, perfect the Bride?
  The messenger with his message is only A SIGNPOST which shows the way, A POINTER that points to something! Did not Bro. Branham say that? Bro. Branham preached many messages, but there is only ONE MESSAGE behind them. That is, "COME BACK TO THE APOSTOLIC FAITH, COME BACK TO THE ABSOLUTE, ETC." He never pointed to himself. He never pointed to his own words. He always pointed to God and His Word. Therefore, the message cannot perfect anyone. Why? Because only the SPIRIT and the WORD can do that. 1 Jhn.2:5; Gal.3:3; Eph.4:11-16. And that is where the messenger and his message pointed to. The message tells you where and how you can be perfected.
  It is in the WORD that the Spirit of God will take His Own WORD and through the Ascension Gifts (5-Fold Ministry) perfect the members of the Body of Christ. The saints will line up with the Word set in order by the apostles. They will be edified and built up in the faith by those in the prophetic office. Through the working of the evangelists, the Church will be strengthened. Lastly, the saints will be carefully nourished and taught by the pastoral and the tutorial ministries.
  As every part of the Body of Christ does it work, these GIFTS will work in the saints until they come to complete maturity and the unity of the faith in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. When they do attain the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ they will no longer be as children so easily tossed and carried about with winds of strange doctrines. And as the love of God permeates every lively stone, the Body of Christ, with Christ being the Head, will be joined and held tightly together with the full expression of love in the whole Body.

  "Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God." - Rev.19:7-9

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 �Say what the tapes say.�

Many times I have been told by some so-called Endtime Message preachers that "the Spoken Word is the Original Seed and is thus above the Written Word". They believe that all the words spoken by the messenger are �Thus Saith The Lord� and that they are �The Absolute�. As such, the Bible, is almost completely forsaken by these people. They would only �say what the tapes say� � no more and no less � for fear of being called unbelievers. Those so-called leaders often clone other followers to be like themselves and lead them in a cultic direction. Yet, among themselves they often squabble over the words and statements of the messenger. They argue over the discrepancies in the oral words of Bro. Branham. And unbeknown to them demons are in their midst. (Remember: demonic spirits hang around false doctrines.) One such spirit is that which promotes the 'deity doctrine' that William Marrion Branham was either God or the Lord Jesus Christ. And since the death of Bro. Branham, many have publicly confessed to that belief. Many more will do so. [Excerpt from THE FOUNDATION & THE WALL]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Without the revelation of the Word of God from the Holy Spirit it is impossible to understand God. Jesus the Christ said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me" (Jhn.14:6 cf. 14:9). The Holy Spirit was given to the saints to teach them all things and to bring all things to their remembrance, whatsoever God had taught them (cf. Jhn.14:26). And without the Holy Spirit one just cannot comprehend the Word at all. No wonder the Apostle Paul prayed earnestly for the saints at Ephesus "that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him" (Eph.1:17).

Today, the religious denominational Christians and the Branhamites alike are without any revelation from God as to what their Heavenly Father is doing in this hour. They may think they do but all that they have are their passionate indulgence in their own creeds, dogmas, books and consensus.

That you might understand what spoken words are and what spiritual revelation is to a Christian, let me share with you an adage from an oriental homily.

A group of disciples, with their wise teacher, was seated in a field. The wise man began the discourse by making a statement and asking a question, �'Two persons walking with raindrops falling from the sky, and heaven does not drench one person.' Can you explain this?

For a moment there were whispers among the disciples. Then one of them stood up and answered, Because one of them is wearing a straw coat and the other is not.�

Another disciple got up and responded happily, Because the rain is scattered and does not fall onto both, so one of them got drenched but not the other.�

Seeing no reply from the wise man to the two answers, a disciple quickly jumped up and explained gleefully, Because one of them is walking along the middle of the road while the other is walking under the shelter of buildings.�

A silence followed. The wise teacher then replied, �All of you based your answers on 'does not drench one person,' so of course you cannot figure out the meaning. Actually, by 'does not drench one person,' does it not mean that both persons got wet?�

The disciples were jolted by the words of the wise man. They were ashamed. Why didn't they think of it? Of course they didn't think of it. Why would they?

The adage is this: �A finger points to the moon, but the moon is not at the tip of the finger. Words point at the truth, but the truth is not in words. To seek illumination through words is to get lost in the web of words and not see the truth.�

         Yes, as Bible Believers we must look beyond the written or spoken words and let the Holy Spirit lead us into the God-breathed Logos of the Sacred Scriptures and illuminate us with the light of His Truth. Many Christians are lost in the web of semantic confusions. It is particularly true of the Branhamites. They are groping in the dark when they search the words of William Branham instead of the Word of God. They get trapped in the web of semantic confusions when they begin to weave the words of the messenger as the Absolute Truth and the Authority of a believer's life that they fail to recognize the Truth of the Logos. Truly, they are lost in the midst of words just as the Scriptures say, �And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive� (Matt.13:14). [Excerpt from THE FOUNDATION & THE WALL]

Many Endtime Message followers are actually brainwashed by so-called Endtime Message preachers and by fear
into believing that unless they believe the words exactly as spoken by the Prophet Branham on his tapes,
or The Spoken Word books, they are not an elect and therefore will never make it into the Rapture.

To repeat what Branham said REGARDLESS of the Sacred Scriptures is to spit in the Face of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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